Ubiquitous Computing Project

The goal was to develop an ubiquitous shopping assistant, running on an android phone, tracking bought items, suggesting recipes based on available ingredients in the shopping basked and fridge. Tracking is done using RFID-tags on products.

The project was done by a group of three students.

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Git Code Repository on Bitbucket


Core of the system is an Android app, written in Java. It communicates with a web server written in PHP and using a MySQL database for storage. The RFID reader in the basket is connected to an Arduino, which communicates with the app through Bluetooth Low Energy. Recipe suggestions where requested via the Yummly web service.

Products are placed in a fridge for storage, which also uses an Arduino with connected RFID Reader. It communicates with the server via WiFi.

Feature Showcase


Hardware consists of an Arduino connected to a RFID Reader and powered by a power bank. Antenna is self built and reaches about 2-3cm.

Shopping basket with RFID Reader