About Me

Hi I am Michael Legner, welcome to my portfolio site. I’m a software developer, originating from the middle nowhere of southern Germany.

I worked as a software developer for Carl Zeiss SMT (Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology). Previously I worked at Gaming Minds Studios, a video game developer for Kalypso Media from September 2020 to August 2023. After getting my Masters Degree in Computer Science from Ulm University in 2015, I joined Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology (now know as Industrial Quality Solutions) as a software developer and stayed until the end of 2019.

You can find my full resume/curriculum vitae behind this link.

With everything I do, the goal is always to get to the very bottom and learn every little detail. Mastery of the topics and technology that are of interest to me is what drives me. I’m currently aim to get as close as feasible to the hardware and learning more about how CPUs, GPUs and the like work internally and how to utilize their full potential.

As a developer, I value code quality, readability and maintainability. Agile methods are of particular interest to me, as they match my own views of how to develop software quite closely. I also keep an eye on the bigger picture of the system I’m working on, so shifting towards the role of Software Architect could be a fitting prospect.

My passion are video games, my collection is currently at a little over 3600 games across eleven platforms, with the PC being my primary choice. But its not just about playing, I’m also interested in the stories and technology behind the games and their development. Even though it is a bit strange playing a game while constantly trying to figure out “how did they do this?”. This goes back to me playing on a Super Nintendo 25 years ago, but since consoles are closed platforms, I was stuck at wondering. Today I have a better understanding of the technology, which lets me get a better sense of the structures and techniques used.

My other interest include casual astronomy and motor sport, most likely because they also heavily rely engineering.
Some day, I might figure out what social media is actually good for.



Primary: C++, C#, WPF, C++/CLI,

Secondary: ASP.NET, OpenGL, Python, Java, Kotlin, PHP, C

Other interests: Software Architecture, Agile Development Methods

Hobby-Ish: Vulkan, Rust, Webassembly, Multithreading, Massively Parallel Processing, GPGPU.

Tools: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Git, Subversion, Jira, Azure Dev Ops, Nvidia Nsight, Team Foundation Server, Mercurial, Eclipse




Software Developer, Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH

2023 — present

Programmer, Gaming Minds Studios

2020 — 2023

GUI, gameplay. Port Royale 4 Buccaneers DLC, Railway Empire 2. C++, SVN, Jira


2020 — 2020

PCG-FPS Project. C++, OpenGL, Git

Software Developer, Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology (IMT)

2015 — 2019

Developer for NEO Product Family. Three years on canceled project. Additional work on NEO select and NEO insights. C#, WPF, C++/CLI, C++, Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Scrum, Nexus.

Master Student, Ulm University

2012 — 2015

Master studies, focus on Software Engineering and Human-Computer-Interaction. Thesis topic "Exploration of Techniques for Procedural Content Generation of Levels in Serious Games". Unity, C#.

Working Student, Freeform Technologies GmbH

2012 — 2012

Software Development. C++, MFC

Bachelor Student, Aalen University

2007 — 2012

Bachelor studies. Thesis topic "Entwicklung eines alternativen Bedienkonzeptes für eine Messapplikation im Werkstattumfeld" (Development of an alternative user interface concept for metrology application in the workshop) in collaboration with Holometric Technologies GmbH. Microsoft Expression Blend, C#

Einjähriges Berufskolleg zum Erwerb der Fachhochschulreife, TS Aalen

2006 — 2007

One year program to receive qualification to study at a university.

Apprenticeship Fachinformatiker/Systemintegration, Landratsamt Ostablkreis Aalen

2003 — 2006

First level support, networking, some basic programming.